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Jeff Zoloth
They say art is the window to a mans soul...

Window King is a small business specializing in the restoration of antique wood windows. Started in 1997 we have worked on dozens of residential homes from Queen Ann to West Seattle. We have also completed commercial jobs ranging from the Bush Hotel in the International District to the Corona Hotel and Terry Denny Building in the Pioneer Square. Currently we are finishing a project in the Historic District of Portland and starting the Fort Lewis Barrack's windows.

Restoration of the windows includes stripping of existing paint, any repairs necessary, re-glazing, priming, painting, and re-installing. New ropes and weatherstripping complete the project, making for a smooth-operating window.

Restoring your windows will add to the value of your home, while mainting the historic integrity.

Bush Building
Corona Building
Terry Denny Building Frye Building
Jeff in his Studio

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