Slash your drug-testing costs by eliminating unnecessary urine tests and send the message of zero tolerance.

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With random alcohol and drug testing it is often difficult to discover substance abuse episodes.

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MobileBreath® technology is the only mobile alcohol use detection system that uses two biometrics (face and voice).

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Automated-Self Administered-Breath Alcohol Screen. BreathcheK is reliable and fast. It automates breath testing.

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Streetime Technologies

The mission of StreeTime Technologies is to provide high value public safety and program compliance tools for supervision, corrections and addictions treatment markets. The company designs, manufactures and markets various supervision products that are integrated into ongoing full service solutions to customers. StreeTime Technologies LLC is a closely held private company headquartered in Easton, Connecticut with sales and service offices in Arizona, New York, New Jersey, and Tennessee.


  • Passpoint

    PassPoint™ Drug Abuse Screening System Ocular Motor Drug Screening Eye-based self administered prescreening for medium to large drug testing dramatically reduces urinalysis...

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  • Sleeptime

    The SleepTime™ monitor records moment-to-moment sleep patterns through the night, and detects deviations related to episodes of intoxication that occurred during the...

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  • MobileBreath

    The MobileBreath® Continuous Alcohol Monitoring System is reliable and fast. It automates breath alcohol testing. With a 90 second enrollee administered breath alcohol...

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  • BreathcheK

    BreathcheK is reliable and fast. It automates breath testing. With a 30 second self administered screen detect down to .002 BAC with...

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